A Fun Date at the Heart of the Las Vegas Strip

Date nights, like a lot of things, come in different forms. Some consider a night of fine dining and wine to be the best while some prefer a more laid back setting. There are those who prefer the allure of fancy restaurants while others prefer the comfort of their own homes.

There are always two sides of the same coin but Peter Rose Bar and Grill brings these sides together to create a place that offers the services of great restaurants while still maintaining the comfort of a familiar place. These two qualities makes for a perfect place to have a nice fun date. A night at Peter Rose Bar and Grill will surely be a great one. So what makes the best sports bar in Vegas a great place for a date? Read on learn more about the place.

Eye Candy

One thing that makes the sports bar a great place is its location. It can be found right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. Peter Rose Bar and Grill can accommodate more than 200 patrons at a time and has numerous indoor and outdoor seating options. From here, guests are treated to a wonderful view of the Strip. A front row seat to the lights and sounds of the city makes Pete Rose Bar and Grill one of the best sports bar Vegas.

The Best Way to the Heart

Peter Rose  Bar and Grill wouldn’t be considered as the best sport bar in Vegas if it didn’t have the food to match the title.  They offer different food items and specials like the Phillies Cheesesteak, the Cincinnati 3-Way pasta and the Pete Rose Special. There is no doubt that good food is sure to make a date a lot more enjoyable. It is said that the best way into someone’s heart is through the stomach. A meal at Pete Rose Bar and Grill is sure to win someone’s heart over. Don’t miss to check out their menu online!

Say Cheers

Get ready to get the special treatment at Peter Rose Sports Bar and Grill. According to their site, their wide variety of drinks make them the ultimate sports bar in the city. They give guests the luxury to choose from 32 beers on tap, 12 signature cocktails and endless choices for bottles and draughts. With choices like these, grabbing a drink and loosening up will be a piece of cake.

Head on to Vegas best sports bar! They offer great service, good ambiance, discounts and more. To learn more about their offers head on to their website! Looking for the perfect place for a date? Check them out today!

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