How Professional Photography Can Bring Value to Your Las Vegas Business

Professional-looking photos are more vital today more than ever, in the promotion of your business. The popularity of digital and social media marketing Las Vegas led to the growing power of visual imagery. Studies have proven that photos and images are more effective at enticing potential customers to engage with your brand. In fact, content with relevant images gets viewed 94% more than one without great images, according to CMO Council.

But if you are a small Las Vegas business with limited budget, should you spend your funds on professional photography or should you do it yourself? If you don’t have photography skills similar to that of professionals, it would be best to outsource your business photography. Here’s why.

You Need Professional Photos for All Your Marketing Materials

Even with your online marketing efforts, your offline marketing materials are still useful today. Your business brochures, business cards, stationery, and store signage can become customer magnets with the right kind of photos.

Many Professional Photographers Have Reasonable Fees

Photographers are also small business owners. They understand your need to keep expenditures at a minimum. That’s why most of them have flexible pricing. Besides, there are local marketing firms that are knowledgeable about the latest trends in visual marketing. Considering how effective social media marketing Vegas is on attracting customers, professional photos will be a cost-effective investment for your business.

Great Photos Make Your Brand Memorable

Customers judge your brand by looking at your online profile. When they like what they see, that is when they pick up the phone to discuss business. Photos are vital to your brand story. High quality photos reflect high quality products and services. Moreover, compared to a 10% retention rate of text-based content, the 65% retention rate of professional images is hard to ignore. This is the most probable reason why 65% of senior marketing executives consider photos as vital to their brand story, according to CMO Council.

Photos that Work Great with Social Media Marketing Las Vegas

Want modern professional photography that makes your social media marketing in Vegas a massive success? Turn to ClickitSocial for the best Google 360 Virtual Tour that provides a 360-degree view of your business. Bundle that with the company’s 4K Aerial Videography, social media management, web development, and expert SEO and you will see your business grow in time. They can give you a free business analysis. Call them today for an in-person meeting.


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