Get to See one of Vegas’ Most Iconic Signs

As far as cities go, Las Vegas needs no introduction. The city’s popularity and energy speak for itself. Thanks to its non-stop entertainment, luxurious hotels, lavish casinos and interesting attractions, the city has become one of the most iconic cities all over the world.

In every city, there’s always a must see attraction. For the city of Las Vegas, one of the must-see attractions is the iconic “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Thanks to numerous features in a lot of hit films and songs, the sign has become popular among those who tour Vegas strip. Just like the luxurious hotels and casinos are part of the city’s history, the iconic sign plays a big role for the city as well.

A Vegas Strip tour would not be the same without a stop at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign. Here are some fun facts about it.

A Sign that Changed the City

In 1959, the sign was commissioned by a World War II veteran who had grown to like the colourful neon signs of the city. He noticed that the city did not have a sign that advertised itself and he came up the idea of creating one. Thanks to Ted Rogich and his company Western Neon Co., the city finally had a sign to embody the spirit of the city.

A Woman’s Design

During that time, not a lot of women were interested in the technical works that were needed to create and design neon signs. Betty Willis was one of them. In a business dominated by men, she decided to defy the norm and put her knowledge and skill in creating signs to work.

Inspired by Outer Space

According to Signs, the design for this iconic welcome sign was influenced by futuristic designs inspired by outer space. This style was called the Googie style and was one of the most widely used designs during that time.

Smaller Proportions

The signs seen on the Las Vegas Strip tour are usually towering reaching heights of up to 40 feet. The iconic welcome to Las Vegas Sign is smaller compared to everything else. The sign only stands 25 feet.

Green Energy

Las Vegas is known for being one of the cities in the US who take sustainability and green energy seriously. In line with the city’s aim to join the green movement, the city decided to revamp the sign so that it will be powered by solar energy.

Visit the city and tour Vegas Strip with Vegas Trike Adventures. Get to see this iconic sign among other popular and historical attractions within the city. Make sure to check them out!


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