Should a Retiree Invest in Solar Panels Las Vegas?

Retirees want to be financially secure. Many of them choose to take risks and invest in money-making opportunities such as stocks and bonds. What some of them don’t realize is that there is something they can invest in without the risks that come with a volatile market. Vegas solar power provides increasing returns on investment and other financial benefits. If you still doubt how it can help you financially, here’s the proof:

Save Up to 65% Off Your Energy Bill

A CNBC article mentioned a retired police officer who decided to install a new solar technology in his home that he shares with his 70-year old wife. He said that his local utility company charges 20 cents per kilowatt hour while with solar power, he spends about 13 cents. Solar power systems could also supply 100% of your energy requirement. This way, you can spend the money on other important goods and services.

Escape from Sudden Energy Price Hikes

From 8 cents per kilowatt hour a few years ago, electricity is now almost 13 cents per kilowatt hour according to the US Energy Information Administration. We know how stressful it is when your electric bill is more than you’ve prepared for. With solar power Vegas, you generate your own electricity so you won’t depend on utility companies.

Add Value to Your Home

Homes with solar panels are sold at a much higher price than those without, according to a recent study by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.  This is because buyers are aware that solar power systems have high returns on investment.

Government Subsidies, Incentives, and Discounts

There is a 30% Investment Tax Credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Additionally, a Senior Citizen Solar Discount at Go Solar slashes off $100 in every KW system. This makes solar power in Vegas totally affordable.

The First Step to a Cost-Efficient Vegas Solar Power System

Ready to invest in a solar power system? The first thing you need is a free in-home evaluation from Go Solar to find out how much energy your home needs and what steps to take to make it more energy-efficient. A licensed energy auditor checks your home for leaks and insulation problems and suggests ways to solve them. This way, your home’s heating and cooling system consume the least energy possible. Need to find out more? Contact Go Solar today!

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