Spend a Day at Container Park Las Vegas

The act of recycling has become more and more popular as of late. When it comes to recycling, people are turning what used to be a chore into a sustainable work of art. The city of Las Vegas took recycling to another level through The Container Park. They took a bunch of shipping containers and pieced them together to create one of the city’s hottest social hubs.

The Container Park has raised a lot of questions and interest among the locals and tourists. The place is impossible to miss since it is located along the downtown area and is right along the paths of the usual strip tour Las Vegas. It has become a hub of a variety of different activities from eating to shopping to lazing around. Here are a few things to do in one of the hottest social spots in the city.

A Variety of Food to Choose From

Looking for a place to grab a bite after a fun Strip tour in Las Vegas or after a regular day at work? The Container Park would be a good place to go to. They have lots of different options which ensures that there will always be something for everybody. The place is packed with restaurants to choose from including Simply Pure, Bin 702, The Perch, Pinches Tacos and more. The restaurants there offer lots of food options and cater to vegetarian, sea food, Mexican, vegan and countless other preferences.

Fun Activities for Kids and Adults

There’s lots of family friendly fun at the Container Park in Las Vegas. There are lots of interesting things to see like the giant praying mantis statue or just the architecture itself. The place offers a lot of retail shops including Blue Marble, Kappa Toys, American Vagabonds and more. Kids are sure to have a blast at the play area where they can run to their heart’s content and play around with other kids their age. The place is a perfect stop to take a break from a busy day at work or a Strip tour Las Vegas.

A Step Towards a Greener Earth

According to ArchDaily, the use of these shipping containers do the planet good. Shipping containers are usually abandoned after they are used once and using them as building materials is a great way to lessen the amount of material taken from the earth. Supporting the Container Park is a great way of showing love for the planet while having a great time as well.

Get to see the Container Park in Las Vegas through Vegas Trike Adventures. These guided tours are a fun and unique way to experience the Strip tour Vegas. Book a tour today and be guaranteed to have an exciting and memorable tour.


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