Tips for Taking Care of Your Vegas Chef Uniforms

It is understandable for a chef to have clothes that reek of smoke and all kinds of sauces. What is unacceptable is a chef who does not know the value of cleanliness. Before and after you get yourself busy in the kitchen, you have to keep your Vegas uniforms presentable. It is part of your responsibility as part of a hospitality business to uphold cleanliness and sanitation at all times. That is the best way to take care of your chef uniform. But there are other things you can do to make sure your uniform keeps its appeal for a very long time.

Make Sure You Are Wearing High-Quality Fabrics

There is no place for too much frugality when shopping for your chef uniform. Never sacrifice quality. Well-made pieces set themselves apart with their durable fabric and vibrant colors. You don’t have to buy the most expensive chef coat or spend a month’s worth of salary on shoes and trousers. Have you seen Chef Works Urban Collection? From beanies to coats and aprons, the said collection boasts of modern style, affordability, and high quality.

Follow Care Instructions

Chef uniforms Vegas have care labels attached to them to help their owners take care of the item the proper way. Washing coats, trousers, vests, or even scarves without reading care labels could ruin the clothes. When that happens, you will end up buying new ones earlier than you would have expected.

Remove Stains Immediately

When stains are left for a while, they stick to clothes, making it harder for you to remove them with a simple washing. It gets even harder when the fabric could not be bleached. It is also not advisable to rub the stain. If you do, you only spread it all over the cloth. Pour baking soda over it instead, then wash when you get home.

Store Properly

While Edward Garment Chef Coats resist stains and creases, exposing them to harsh elements would take a toll after a while. Store them in a transparent bag in your closet. Never toss it on the floor where pets or little kids can play with them.

Vegas Uniforms Tailored to Fit You Perfectly

With perfectly fitting uniforms, you have the least chances of getting into accidents while doing your job. Have your chef uniforms in Vegas tailored to fit your body perfectly at Las Vegas Uniforms where their on-site tailoring and embroidery services team is always ready to accommodate you. Want to find out more about this service? Call or visit the store today!


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