Why Vegas Law Enforcement Officers Need Realistic Training

Law enforcement officer training used to be realistic and harder that it is today. They are issues the most basic tactical gear Vegas: a holster, revolver, baton, and a canister of tear gas. Field sergeants are given a shotgun. These are the things they carry to do real duty on the field. After the Field Training and Evaluation Program, they are given a leather sap when on duty. These days, however, rookies have more modern accessories. It should come with benefits, but such is not the case.

Sufficient in Tools but Lacking in Training

Rookies used to be given rigid training, but changes came with the state-of-the-art tools. Training is now done in safer environments aided by a computer and other machines. Officers are given handguns and sometimes even Fenix Tactical Flashlights. You cannot see a patrol officer carrying a revolver today. They use rifles and 5.11 Bailout Bags to help them survive all possible situations.

The baton they carry used to be too bulky to carry around so they leave it in the trunk instead. Now, they carry collapsible batons and aerosol propellants. TASER handguns and electronic control devices are also issued. These instruments help officers to immobilize perpetrators as far as 35 ft.

The Disadvantage of Extra Weapons

Now that officers have more weapons, they now need longer training and more certifications and re-certification. The new weapons also required new policies. Each of these Vegas tactical gear had to come with a multi-page document. It has become a source of confusion to some.

Since some of these weapons are relatively new and more complex, they require special training. These training sessions need to be done in a safe environment where accident are prevented or minimized. The practical, rigid training is now gone and most of our officers are ill-prepared.

The Widest Selection of Tactical Gear Vegas

Officers are exposed to danger all the time. They should be prepared through rigid practice and the right tactical gear. Luckily, there is a store in Las Vegas that carries the biggest selection of tactical gear for our law enforcement officers.

Las Vegas Tactical is the largest tactical store in the area. They have all you need when it comes to tactical gear in Vegas; have your uniform tailored to fit, have it embroidered with your name, or place a custom order. If you are an organization, take advantage of their corporate account to make it easier for your members to find what they need. Visit their website to get more info.

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