How to Clean Wood Flooring Las Vegas

Regularly cleaning your wood Vegas flooring helps preserves its natural luster and patina. This is an important thing because an attractive wood floor creates a warm glow in any room. However, cleaning wood floor can be challenging. Many commercial cleaners contain strong chemicals that could ruin the floor and threaten your family’s health. Even pure water can damage wood too. It warps when it absorbs moisture, making your floor uneven. So remember these things when cleaning wood flooring:

Deep Clean Once a Week

Vacuuming the floor at least once a week is important. Sweeping does not really eliminate all the dirt. You need the deep cleaning to make sure there are no rough particles left. Just like rotating brushes and hard bristles, these particles may scratch against your floor, thereby damaging it.

Wipe Hairsprays and Furniture Polish Right Away

The chemicals in these things can leave the floor’s polish dull. For accidental spills, wipe the spot immediately using a damp cloth. Keep a non-ammonia window cleaner nearby. This could rescue your floor from the harsh chemicals through thorough clean.

Keep it from Getting Wet

Lackluster wood flooring Vegas is the result of prolonged exposure to water and moisture. Water ruins the finish and penetrates the wood, causing it to rot. Keep windows closed when it’s raining and wipe spills immediately.

Use Non-Wax Cleaners

Clean small grimes and stains right away so they don’t spread. Leaving them untreated could damage the floor’s finish. Keep non-wax cleaners in a convenient place that you can easily reach.

Know the Difference between Waxes and Restorers

Never use shellac, polyurethane, or varnish on wood flooring that has a wax finish. Doing so would not rejuvenate the material, but ruin its finish and make it slippery instead.

Keep Dirt Out with Rugs and Doormats

Removing deep-seated dirt through vacuuming is important, but what is more important is keeping dirt from contacting your wood flooring. So keep sands and dust particles outside with doormats and rugs.

Vegas Flooring Store with Best Warranties

75% of hardwood manufacturers are looking forward to better business in the coming years. Wood flooring keeps its popularity because of its many advantages. But even though it is one of the sturdiest floor materials, it could deteriorate without proper cleaning. The people of Las Vegas is lucky to have One Stop 4 Flooring, a flooring store Vegas that offer 2 years of warranty on wood flooring. They offer free estimates too! Want to know more about their products and services? Don’t hesitate to call today!


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