The Only Vinyl Floor Care Guide You Need – 4 Exclusive Tips

Because of its resistance to stains and low maintenance requirements, vinyl flooring is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom flooring. It is a bestseller in many flooring store Vegas. In fact, Floor Covering News says it is the single flooring category showing signs of a growing market. So if you find hardwood and tile too uncomfortable, vinyl floor is a great alternative. However, it is also less durable. It could scratch easily without proper care. But if you know how to care for your vinyl flooring, it can last long looking shiny and new.

Don’t Use Rough Scrubbing Tools

Heavy duty cleaners and abrasive tools can damage your vinyl flooring. Gently sweep or vacuum your floor every night to remove dust and dirt. Never use the beater bar. For dirt that has become embedded on the floor, use a damp mop or soft cloth to clean the area.

 Don’t Drag Furniture and Appliances Around

The vinyl floor can resist dents and indentations from heavy furniture, but caution is still needed especially right after installation. There are floor protectors that you can use to cover glass or dome-shaped furniture legs. These felt or rubber covers can add cushioning that can protect your vinyl. Never push, pull or drag your furniture to avoid marks and scratches. Also, keep sharp objects away like stilettos and canned items.

Keep Heat and Moisture Away

When your vinyl gets soaked with water, the glue underneath can get damaged. When cleaning your vinyl floor, only use the right amount of water and make sure you dry the floor once the cleaning is done. Wipe spills immediately and don’t walk on the wet vinyl floor. Don’t install vinyl on wet concrete slabs. Buy from a Vegas flooring store that offers expert installation services.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleansers

A simple vinegar solution is enough to clean vinyl floors at keep them looking new. Harsh cleansers are tough on vinyl and could ruin its appearance. You can also use baking soda to remove stains from food like pasta sauces, wine, and berry juice. For makeup stains, rub the area with a soft cloth dabbed with rubbing alcohol.

Flooring Store Vegas with Trained Specialists

When you shop for vinyl, make sure to buy from reliable Vegas flooring stores like One Stop 4 Flooring. They have trained floor specialists who can answer all your questions about the product. Call them today and get free estimates.



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