10 of the Top Driving Etiquette Mistakes that Cause Road Rage

Aggressive behavior begets aggressive behavior. That is why 50% of drivers who experienced aggressive behavior on the road admitted they reacted aggressively, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Make sure you don’t commit the following mistake when driving so you won’t need to call a traffic lawyer Vegas.

Bullying Pedestrians

Some drivers coax pedestrians to go faster by honking or crowding them. This causes collision, anxiety, and acts of road rage.


Getting too close to the bumper of the next car is one of the most common causes of road rage incidents. Even though you know you can afford a Vegas traffic lawyer, keeping a safe distance between you and the next car saves lives.

Slow Driving

It would seem like driving slow is safe, but it could still cause trouble once you become an obstacle on the road.

Honking Profusely

Honk the horn to alert pedestrians and other drivers. Be careful not to lay on your horn and let out an annoying long beep.

Blasting Music From Your Car

Loud music is distracting. The fact is supported by a paper by the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences of the University of Groningen.

Double Parking

Double parking is against traffic law and comes with consequences. It keeps other cars from leaving the parking area.

Keeping the Brights On

Failing to turn the high beams off temporarily blinds the driver of the approaching car.

Hogging the Left Lane

Doing so means you are not yielding to other drivers who want to get past you. This stalls the flow of traffic and causes tension.

Not Removing Snow from Car During Winter

Snow could fly off your car and land on someone else’s windshield or face. This could cause accidents.

Not Using Turn Signals

Using turn signals helps avoid accidents. Blinkers let other drivers know when you are about to change lanes.

Traffic Lawyer Vegas for All Sorts of Traffic Tickets

Committing any of the above mistakes could mean you’ll be needing a traffic lawyer in Vegas. When this happens, The Ticket Fixer can help resolve the case as they have been doing with thousands other every year in the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada area. They are the #1 choice when it comes to handling DUI and warrant resolution. Call them today while they are offering free, no obligation legal evaluation.



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