Celebrate a Las Vegas Bachelor Party With Bulldozers and Excavators

Although most would scarce admit it, bachelor parties tend to have somewhat of a bad reputation. What with the amounts of liquor and the hundreds of bars and the pressure that comes with major life decisions, this not- so-favourable reputation does have a bit of credibility. Getting down and dirty during a bachelor party isn’t always a great idea but with Dig This Vegas, it might just be the perfect way to spend the last days of so-called “freedom.”

About Dig This

For those looking for a different kind of Vegas bachelor party activity, it doesn’t get more exciting than this. No matter how old a man will get, there will always be this fascination with heavy machinery. Dig This Vegas is a place where men can live out their long term fantasy of having a go with some thousand pound vehicles like bulldozers and excavators. The place offers lots of activities that keeps adrenaline pumping and gives the satisfaction of living out a childhood dream.

First Steps

Since the establishment is keen on keeping things safe and clean, riders will first have to go through a safety orientation and a Breathalyzer test. Once these steps are done, riders can now don their neon vests and hard hat and jump into the machine. With the help of the instructors, riders are taught how to control the machine’s nobs and levers through warm up exercises and instructions delivered through a headset. Now that comfort has been established, this bachelor party activity Vegas will just get more and more fun.

Dig, Pile, Crush

With all the drills and warm-up done, riders are now given free reign as to what they want to do with a thousand pound machine and a field of rocks, sand, and tires. Let imagination run wild! Dig trenches, build towers, stack tires and get creative with games like Bucket Ball and Bulldozer Teeter-Totter. According to Dig This Vegas, the establishment is a great activity for Vegas bachelor party since they offer group packages and discounts to make things even more worth the while.

Bachelor parties are a time for friends, fun, and laughter. All that can be done at Dig This Vegas. A visit to this establishment is just as good and a lot of times, so much more exciting than any other Vegas bachelor party activity. Celebrate the last days of bachelorhood with some heavy equipment, lots of dirt and some nice, clean fun.


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