Enjoy a Drink, Good Food and a View in this Las Vegas Sports Bar

In a dynamic city like Las Vegas, it is close to impossible to run out of places to visit. For those wanting to try their luck with the slot machines, there is always the casinos and for those who would rather pamper themselves with spa treatments and salons, there’s always the resorts available along The Strip. However, for those who just want to take it easy and grab a couple of drinks, there is also the choice of visiting the variety of Vegas Strip sports bars. It is safe to say that not all bars are made equal. To ensure a night of comfort, ease, and fun, people ought to pay a visit to Pete Rose Sports Bar and Grill, one of the premier sports bars on Vegas Strip.

Laid-Back Fun

Comfort is a vital part of enjoyment which is why Pete Rose Sports Bar and Grill puts a lot of priority towards the comfort of the customers. According to Pete Rose Bar and Grill, the place boasts a variety of seating choices customers can choose from. The nine thousand square feet of the restaurant contains a 35-seater bar, a 250-seater dining area, and a 100-seater patio. To add even more comfort and interest, the place is also decorated with some vintage sports memorabilia and equipped with 32 high definition televisions.

Things That Go Together

There is no denying that great beer and the mouth-watering food is enough to take anyone to their happy place. One of the best pairings on the face of this earth can be enjoyed at Pete Rose Sports Bar and Grill. The place gives customers a lot of options with their 34 beers on tap, their refreshing bottles, house specialties and more. To top it off, people get to enjoy their beer alongside plates of tasty food like cheeseburgers, steaks, ribs, and wings. With a wide array of choices for drinks and a menu filled with all-time favorites, the bar easily tops the list of Vegas Strip sports bars.

Amazing View

Seeing the Vegas Strip in action is a sight to see. At Pete Rose Spots Bar and Grill, customers are treated to a prime view of the Strip. The place is located right in the heart the area beside Planet Hollywood and across Aria. With all the things to see and sounds to hear, a visit here would definitely be a feast for the senses.

The place is perfect for any occasion may it be a party, a meeting, a bachelor party or just a simple night with friends. Make sure to visit this one of a kind Vegas Strip sports bar.


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