How America Developed the First Atomic Bombs

A team of American scientists shaped one of the most important milestones in the history of warfare, science, and technology. They made the first atomic bombs which ended the Second World War as President Harry Truman ordered to use the bombs against Japan. It may have ended one of the deadliest worldwide conflicts, but it also led to the modern nuclear period. These atomic bombs are now on exhibit at Las Vegas museums.

 The Science and Politics of War

The United States is home to great political leaders who were not only politicians but also inventors and scientists. This includes Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. By 1914, when the First World War started, the US took advantage of the work of many talented scientists and engineers in the country. However, government support was given only for research on weapons and military support systems.

When Adolf Hitler and the German forces showed up with tanks, guns, and other weapons of superior strength, this changed everything. The United States, under the leadership of President Franklin Roosevelt, gave all support necessary in developing modern weapons.

The Most Important Scientific Developments

Roosevelt created the National Defense Research Committee and later on the Office of Scientific Research and Development. Both groups were headed by Vannevar Bush, a great scientist, electrical engineer, and inventor. Under his leadership, many devices were made, from powerful rackets to submarine tracking devices and wartime medicines. The rich history behind all of these weapons can be found at the National Atomic Testing Museums Las Vegas.

But the most noteworthy invention by far is the atomic bomb. It was a product of the Manhattan project, sparked by a letter written by Albert Einstein to President Roosevelt. Einstein told the president of the feasibility of harnessing the power of the atom to create a powerful weapon of mass destruction.

Roosevelt died before the project came to fruition. The first atomic bomb was tested in 1945 in New Mexico under the watch of President Harry Truman.

In the hopes of ending the World War II without sending American troops to their death, Truman ordered the use of the bomb against the city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, and then three days later on the city of Nagasaki. This left Japan with no choice but to surrender.

Learning History with Visits to Las Vegas Museums

All these events are proof that war could be won through research. If you are taking a trip to Las Vegas, you should see the National Atomic Testing Las Vegas museum so you can see how all these things were developed and how they work. Check them out today.



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