How Las Vegas Yoga Can Help You in Your Post 50s

Being old usually means being out of shape or struggling with a health condition. Being old usually means being scared of trying something new. But beginning yoga in Las Vegas as a practice as an older adult has a host of benefits for people in their post-50s. Wonder why how Tao Porchon-Lynch can still wear stilettos at 97? She should be yoga’s sales pitch, suggests Financial Times. Porchon-Lynch was recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest yoga instructor at age 93 in May 2012.

Starting Yoga in Your Late 50s

Yoga is safe. You really have nothing to worry about. But there are some of you who won’t feel comfortable getting into an hour of yoga class with younger and long-time practitioners. So start gently. Get into a yoga class for beginners or find an instructor who can do private classes for you. Yoga 4 the Soul gives yoga Las Vegas for seniors and injured to get rid of pain and regain energy.

Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults

Not only is it safe for you age, but yoga is also effective in keeping your mind and body healthy. If you are planning to get into yoga, here are the 5 health benefits you can get:

  1. Regular exercise lowers the risk of chronic disease by 40%, according to international stress expert Dr. Kathleen Hall of Mindful Living Network. But high-intensity training can also be bad for you. Yoga is a better choice because it is a low-impact exercise that won’t put a strain on your body.
  2. Yoga helps you develop better flexibility, making you less prone to falls which are a major culprit in the fast decline of the body in older adults.
  3. Yoga helps ease hormonal fluctuations that come with menopausal age. Poses such as the Bridge and plow relieves hot flashes and anxiety.
  4. Yoga helps slow bone density loss. It also eases pain due to fractures and other bone conditions.
  5. Yoga keeps you stress-free, centered, and energized. This is because yoga comes with the practice of meditation or taking quiet time for yourself that evens out your moods.

Gentle Yoga Las Vegas for Older Adults

Yoga is suitable for all ages but is especially beneficial to men and women in their post-50s. Visit Yoga 4 the Soul for gentle yoga in Vegas and feel younger than you’ve ever been. They look forward to doing yoga with you. Call and find out about this month’s classes.

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