Where to Go in Las Vegas for Your Late Night Dim Sum Cravings

If you have been to Taipei, it is very likely that Yong Kang Street captured your heart. It is the destination for all foodies and travelers rarely leave Taipei without sampling the many Taiwanese snacks found on this busy street. From shaved ice mountains to Chinese-style pancakes, you are presented with lots of delicious choices. You can experience the same thing in Las Vegas when you go to Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House. Although not as spacious as the original Yong Kang Street, they serve the best dim sum Las Vegas for your late night cravings.

Delight in the Tastiest Dim Sum on the Las Vegas Strip

The  location is convenient for everyone craving for dim sum in the middle of the night. Located right where all the fun and excitement of Las Vegas happens. They are located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip at the Paris Hotel and Casino. If all the hustle and bustle of the Strip has left you starved, come and rejuvenate yourself with the mouth watering Las Vegas dim sum. Whether you come with your friends, family, or alone, you can experience the unique Asian hospitality and culinary taste at the dumpling and noodle house.

The Freshest and Tastiest Vegas Dim Sum

When you spend your quality time with them, you are not served food bought from the store. All their dim sum are made by the hands of very skilled chefs so you are guaranteed that the food you are eating is authentic and fresh. Yong Kang Street has set themselves apart from the average Chinese restaurant. They have a large selection of menu items from 20 different varieties of dim sum to noodle soups and desserts. The full list of their specialties can be found on their website.

Authentic Dim Sum Las Vegas

Why settle for bland-tasting dim sum when you can feed your taste buds with authentic Taiwanese and Chinese dishes at Yong Kong Street? Take an exciting culinary adventure where you can experience the famous street of Taipei.

If you are up and about late at night and craving for some authentic dim sum, you know where to find them. They are the only dim sum restaurant in Las Vegas serving high-end dim sum that you can never find elsewhere in the area. Their doors are open from 10am to 3am to serve you some hot and fresh dim sum. Is this making you hungry, yet? Visit them now!


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