How to Decorate Your Las Vegas Bedroom for a Chic Look

Decorating your bedroom to turn it from boring to instant chic does not require too much from your pocket. The key is choosing the right texture, color, sparkle, and décor to make it look and feel stylish. You can get inspiration from the countless dream bedrooms you can find in many home decorating magazines and websites. And to make sure that you stay within the budget on your bedroom remodeling Vegas, look for trendy items in discount stores and flea markets. These places could have the furnishings and accessories resembling the ones you saw in your inspiration pictures. Expert designers share these tips for a beautiful, cozy, and relaxing bedroom:

Make Your Bedside Table Clutter-Free

Reading materials and other personal belongings should be kept inside drawers and cabinets. The bedside table should be a place for decorative and functional pieces such an alarm clock, a vase with fresh flowers, and a stylish alarm clock.

Consider an Upholstered Wall

To make you room look attractive and lavish, consider having your Vegas remodeling contractor put an upholstered wall behind your bed. It has lots of benefits including blocking out noise from outside the room. It could also serve as a cushiony surface that you can lean back on when sitting on the bed.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Aside from being stylish, your bedroom should also be ideal for sleeping. 100% natural crisp and cool bed sheets are needed and for this, 100% Egyptian cotton is the best choice according to Macy’s Stephen Cardino. Sticking to the chic décor is easy by using fabrics that use the room’s main colors. Add throw pillows in contrasting colors to make it even more attractive.

Add Interesting Artwork

Stick to calm and simple pieces when choosing artworks to put up in your bedroom. It should contribute to the relaxing and comfortable atmosphere of the room.

Create Layered Window Treatments

To create a luxurious and rich atmosphere, use cascading, floor-length, silky tapestry. Once you find the right colors, hang them in a way that they create layers. For instance, you can use white sheers behind indigo draperies.

Free Estimates of Bedroom Remodeling Vegas

Quality products and expert craftsmanship are two most important things needed for a chic bedroom. Turn to MC Mojave Construction for expertise and quality materials for your dream bedroom. Although their specialty lies in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, they also have been trusted in bedroom home remodeling Vegas since 1995. Call now for more information!


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