Why SEO Las Vegas is Essential to Business Owners

As I type this, there are over 1,046,281,900 websites online and counting! Making sure people find your site in a sea of more than a billion websites is a tough challenge but is not impossible. Search engine optimization is a proven effective tool to be in the top position of major search engines’ organic search results. Why would you want to be on top of search engine results page (SERP)? Well, according to Philip Petrescu of SMX East, 71.33% of traffic comes from page one of search results while only 5.59% goes to the second and third pages. In order to get more customers to interact with your brand, you need to be on the first page of Google. That is but one of the numerous reasons you need to be hiring an SEO Las Vegas agency. Read on for more.

SEO Gets You to Where Your Customers Are

Today, consumers look for products and services through a quick Google search. 97% of buyers turn to the Internet for information about a product or service, according to the Kelsey Group. So, if you are a “digital photographer in Las Vegas”, would people find you first, or your competition? The answer depends on which of business is leveraging the power of SEO.

SEO Helps Build Your Credibility

The purpose of having a website or blog is to provide valuable information to the public. In a business sense, you want to catch their attention, create rapport, and earn their trust. With SEO Vegas, you can educate consumers about who you are, what you have to offer, and why you are valuable to them. If your message resonates with your visitors, they will make a purchase.

SEO Aids in Reputation Management

Customer reviews can make or break your business these days. Reviews work much like word-of-mouth. If customers read good things about your business, they choose you over your competition. With SEO, you can push down negative customer reviews and push the positive ones to the top pages of google.

Local One-Stop-Shop SEO Las Vegas Agency

Are you ready to give SEO in Vegas a try? BizSiteNow has been building websites since 2005. They can help you get started with SEO by creating your website, devising an SEO strategy, and executing it effectively. They also have other valuable business tools such as product photography, business card design, logo design, and so much more. Give your site that much needed boost! Contact them today.


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