Know More About The Hoover Dam With Vegas Trike Adventures

Nothing says Las Vegas like fun nights, amazing shows, rainbow lights, and energetic music. This vibrant energy is what makes the city known all over the world, but what a lot of people do not know is that there is another side to this destination. Thirty miles away from Las Vegas is a historical mega structure that all should see. The Hoover Dam has a compelling history behind it and it is definitely a sight to see. Here are a few facts about this structure.

Controversial Names

Taking the Hoover Dam tours from Vegas is not only great for its visual appeal but for its rich history as well. The dam has officially been called Hoover Dam since 1947 but during the years prior, a flurry of controversy have been surrounding the name given to this structure. Since the dam was initially planned to be built in Boulder Canyon, the first name it had was the Boulder Dam. The name Hoover Dam came about in 1930 thanks to Ray Wilbur, the U.S. Secretary at the time. Since President Herbert Hoover was inaugurated during the prior year, the secretary thought it fitting to name the dam after his boss. However, not everybody was happy about this name. This caused the interchanging of the dam’s name from Hoover Dam to Boulder Dam in the next 17 years.

Boulder City

People in the Vegas Hoover Dam tours will usually hear about or even see Boulder City while on the trip. This city’s proximity to the dam is due to the city’s dependence on the dam during its early years. Boulder City was born thanks to the 5000 workers who took part in the dam’s construction. Due to the Great Depression, people had to flock to the dam in hopes of getting a job.

Lake Mead

According to History, Lake Mead is another geographical structure which was brought about by the dam. Lake Mead is the 28.9 million acre-foot water reservoir created from the construction. This lake is a fun destination for Hoover Dam tours Vegas since people get to enjoy recreational activities like fishing, boating, and swimming while in the area.

Hoover Dam tours from Vegas is made easy with Vegas Trike Adventures. These guided tours are an easy, affordable, unique, and family-friendly way of seeing the different tourist destinations of the area without wasting valuable vacation time. With Vegas Trike Adventures, guests get a free hotel pickup and drop off, are given a quick trike training and they are off. It doesn’t get easier than this. Book a tour today!


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