Las Vegas Facts Every Tourist Should Know

Nothing beats a visit to the fabulous city of Las Vegas. From the luxury resorts and casinos along the strip to the breath-taking sights of the scooter tours Vegas, it is no wonder why the city has become a world-renowned tourist destination. Before booking a trip to this city of glamour, it’s always fun to ask how it came to be. Here are some interesting facts every tourist musk know before visiting Las Vegas.

Before The Casinos

According to History, the area of Las Vegas has been home to numerous native groups for over 10,000 years. Of these groups, a tribe called the Paiute Tribe has been known to use the area as early as A.D. 700. However, with the rise of colonization and expeditions, changes were brought about by the arrival of Rafael Rivera. In 1821, trade routes were opened in the area and it was then named Las Vegas.

Start Of Development

 The popular sights of Fremont Street along with the destinations of the scooter tours in Vegas would not have been possible without the development of the Hoover Dam. The construction of this dam in the year 1931 became a turning point for the budding city of Vegas. The casinos and the showgirls along Fremont Street became a popular pastime for the residents of Boulder City and the construction workers of Hoover Dam. With the dam’s completion also came the affordable energy that powered the lights of Fremont Street’s Glitter Gulch.

Creating A Destination

Las Vegas would not have become a popular tourist destination if not for the mobs of the city. Despite their unconventional investments, these mobs gave way to glamorous establishments that helped the city’s popularity. With the rise of casinos and hotels like The Flamingo, The Sands, and The Sahara, more and more people flocked to the city.

Establishing A Name

Despite the presence of the popular establishments along The Strip, there was still a big room for improvement. Investors like Howard Hughes, Bugsy Siegel, and Steve Wynn, the city turned from a fun destination to an international tourist hotspot. With lots of activities like the Vegas scooter tours, endless gambling and mega-resorts like The Mirage, The Desert Inn, The Bellagio, the city experienced a steady rise in popularity, tourism, income and more.

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