The Worst Things to Wear to Your Workplace in Reno

“Dress not for the job you have, but the one you want” is exactly the fashion bible verse you need to remember when picking your workwear. Raquel A. Castillo, media director of Growthink, believes in the same thing. She suggests that you present yourself well, rather than worrying about your physical appearance. If you make the effort to dress appropriately and professionally you have a huge edge against your sloppy friends. Your Reno uniforms should be picked carefully as they can affect your career. Avoid the following when picking what to wear to work:

Low-Quality Jackets

Sharply tailored suits and padded shoulders are out of fashion, but jackets are still key pieces in a work wardrobe. Invest some money on well-made jackets and coats with top quality materials. They may be more expensive than low-quality ones, but they make you look more professional. They are also more durable and could last longer than cheap ones if you take care of them properly.

Fabrics that Crinkle Easily

You look sad, unkempt, and overworked if you wear crumpled clothing. Crinkles also make you seem lazy, which is bad for your career. Uniforms Reno that don’t crinkle easily are the best choice. Your basics should be made of manageable fabrics like a long sleeve crew neck tee from Landau.

Wrong Shoes

Your shoes should always meet the demands of your job. Pick shoes according to the job that you have. There are shoes made especially for slippery surfaces, Steep terrains, extensive walking, and harsh weather conditions. And whether you wear flats or heels, they should fit well.

Too Much Accessories

Your accessories should complement your outfit, not overpower it. Classic pieces such as pearls and diamonds are worth an investment if you work in an office. Also, they should not make a noise when you move.

Revealing Clothes

Keep your image professional by avoiding plunging necklines, crop tops, and mini skirt. Your clothes should fit well. Too tights and it’s going to be uncomfortable. Too baggy and it’s going to look unflattering.

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