Indoor Water Extraction in 89103 Vegas

Recovering from indoor flooding involves more than just removing the water and then cleaning up the visible mess the flood created. Water seeps into the floor, walls, and appliances. There are damages that you are not going to see unless you tear out the water-soaked parts. Water extraction Vegas is a complicated task. You need professional help when you experience this kind of problem in your property. Experts can determine the source and how it can be fixed.

Water Damage in 89103 Las Vegas Caused by Slab Leak

A water extraction job in the 89103 area of Nevada was previously handled by the Water Damage Las Vegas team. It was a category two class two flood that the team found to have been caused by a slab leak. The living room, which has a floor made of laminate material was gravely affected. The floor was not saved and was removed to make sure it does not become a breeding ground for molds.

Reliable Water Extraction Vegas Process

Water Damage Las Vegas turned off all water sources to prevent further flooding. Broken parts were set aside to be used for subrogation. They used a thermal camera to find the water-soaked parts of the property. Part of the Vegas water extraction process was cutting 2 feet of the drywall which was damaged. The water heater was also removed to expose other parts of the drywall which were already wet and had molds behind them.

Barriers were then placed to protect other areas of the house. The team used commercial grade air movers to make the drying process quick. The property was declared dry by industry standards once the thermal camera showed no signs of moisture.

Call Now for Free Water Damage Assessment

Expert water extraction in Vegas is needed right away to prevent further damage from leaks. Whether it is noon or midnight, it does not matter. People of Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas can call Water Damage Las Vegas any time there is an emergency leak or water damage in their properties.

When you work with the Water Damage Las Vegas team you can be sure that your claims are covered because they work with reliable insurance companies. Your items are safe with them. They will be taken care of from start to finish. With their commercial-grade equipment, you can be sure your property is free from moisture. Call today for free water damage assessment.


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