Know Your Speed Limits When Driving in Nevada

The highest maximum speed limit in Nevada which is 75 miles per hour is one of the highest in the United States. Only 4 other states have higher speed limits than that of Nevada. This and other Nevada traffic laws are clearly defined by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Violating speed limits in any of the Nevada roads could lead to traffic citations, fines, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license or even your arrest. If you think you have been wrongly accused of a violation, turn to a Vegas ticket attorney. However, you can best keep yourself safe by knowing the required speed limits in Nevada.

School Zones

Expect to get flagged down for speeding if you go beyond 15 mph in school zones except when it is a no-school day, 30 minutes before and after school hours, or if the speed limit beacon is not flashing. Speed limit beacons are signs that feature 2 or more yellow lights that flash in order to alert drivers of the 15 mph speed limit.

Rural Highways

Going faster than 75 mph on rural highways could get you a traffic ticket. This is the highest maximum speed limit in the State of Nevada. These areas have a little population so you can go faster than you could in more populated areas.

Urban Highways

Traffic jams and other hazards are common in urban highways because these areas are densely populated. When you drive along urban highways, don’t go beyond the 65 mph speed limit.

Residential Areas

The lowest speed limits are set on residential areas, schools, hospitals, and construction zones. Authorities also impose the heaviest penalties and fines in these areas and strictly implement them. Be very careful when driving along these areas and call a Las Vegas ticket attorney immediately if you ever get caught driving faster than 30 mph.

Divided and Undivided Roads

Both divided and undivided roads have a maximum speed limit of 70 mph. But once you pass through the residential areas and other areas with heavy traffic, limit your speed to 30 mph or 15 mph.

When to Call a Vegas Ticket Attorney?

You need to call a ticket attorney in Vegas immediately after getting a speeding ticket. You could choose to pay the fine, but this would mean your record will forever be tarnished. Contact The-Ticket-Fixer now and get your free legal consultation now!


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