Best Sports Bar in Las Vegas to Meet Your Favorite Sports Star

The Las Vegas best sports bar, Pete Rose Bar and Grill got its name from the professional baseball player Peter Edward “Pete” Rose. The bar is located at the center of the famous Las Vegas Strip. When you dive down the great Las Vegas Blvd., you can easily spot the sprawling 6,700 sq. ft. of space with an attractive outdoor dining area. This is undoubtedly the best sports bar to go to if you want to meet everyone’s favorite sports star from the 60s and 80s. But aside from that, you can expect a lot of other surprises at Pete Rose Bar and Grill.

Perfect for Private Parties and Events

Pete Rose Bar and Grill is can be found in an accessible area beside Planet Hollywood and across Aria Resort and Casino. The al fresco seating area will immediately catch your attention. It has a great view of the Vegas Strip, especially at night.

Most locals and tourists know that if you want to find Vegas best sports bar, you need to head to The Strip. The place is teeming with sports bars and casinos, but Pete Rose Bar and Grill definitely stands out from the rest because of their 32 high definition TV units and fun environment. In fact, it is the top destination for those who want to celebrate special events like birthdays, reunions, bachelor parties, and anniversaries.

Authentic Cuisine Brought by Hot Servers and Bartenders

Pete Rose Bar and Grill’s chef only uses fresh and organic ingredients that’s why you will never find American favorites as good as theirs. Plus their bar has 34 kinds of beer on tap and an assortment of cocktail drinks. You might even see Pete Rose getting his fill of Pete’s Punch. You could also cap the night with a game or two of beer pong starting 6 P.M.

Pete Rose Vintage Sports Memorabilia

Pete Rose Bar and Grill is the place where you can find authentic memorabilia from Pete Rose’s golden days. His illustrious career from 1963 to 1986 entertained and awed as all. And the bar wants to give back to our heroes, so if you are from the military or are a veteran, come and get your 20% discount.

Come See Charlie Hustle at Las Vegas Best Sports Bar

Watching a good sports game on HD TV is more fun if you’re watching it with a real sports legend, Pete Rose. So book a table for your group at Las Vegas Strip best sports bar today and hope to see Pete Rose when you come over.

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