Where to Get the Authentic Dim Sum in Las Vegas

Food is something that should be celebrated. In a time where food has become highly commercialized, it can be difficult to find food that is made for the love of it. When it comes to Las Vegas dim sum, finding one that captures the essence of authentic Asian cuisine can be a challenge. Luckily, there is a place in the heart of The Strip where any foodie will enjoy. For those on the hunt for handmade, fresh, authentic dim sum Las Vegas, Yong Kang Street is the place to go.

Relive Traditional Cuisine

Dim sum has a rich history that dates back centuries; according to Jamie Oliver, dim sum was originally created by chefs of the Royal Court in order to touch the heart of the Chinese emperors. This tradition of sophisticated cuisine and heartfelt preparation are the priority for this dim sum restaurant in Las Vegas. At Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House, people get to eat to their heart’s content thanks to over twenty varieties of dishes to choose from. These handmade high-end dim sum in the restaurant lets people experience the true essence of dim sum

Have Your Fill

Dim sum lovers everywhere will rejoice once they see and taste the variety of flavors and dishes they can experience with Yong Kang Street’s menu. Just like the original Chinese dishes, these bite-sized masterpieces are made by hand and rich with flavor. Dishes at Yong Kang Street aim to give people an experience that will transport them to the original Yong Kang Street in China without having to leave the country. Any customer can tell that the dishes served at this restaurant are on another level compared to any Dim Sum Las Vegas.

Convenient Location

The restaurant is famous not only for its high-quality food. Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House is tastefully designed to give people a comfortable and welcoming feel. It is conveniently located in the Paris Hotel and Casino right in the heart of The Strip. It is a perfect place to fuel up and grab a bite while exploring the sights of the Las Vegas Strip.

Experience authentic and high quality dim sum without leaving the country! Visit Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House and get an experience food and drinks fit for an emperor. These handmade delights will surely satisfy those dim sum cravings. Drop by the restaurant anytime from 10 AM to 3 AM and prepare for a culinary feast.

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