Take Your Bachelor Party to the Next Level with Vegas Tactical Adventures

The world is getting more and more dangerous and if you are about to start a family, you want to be prepared to protect them. Forget the ordinary strippers and booze bachelor party. Take your bachelor party to the next level by booking a day of adventure with your buddies at Vegas Tactical Adventures. Here, you have 6 different Las Vegas bachelor party activities to choose from. These activities can teach you about strategy, teamwork, and military tactics that could blow your mind because of their amazing, realistic setting.

Secret Agent Adventure

First on the list is an adventure package that will give you an action-packed experience about the job of a secret government agent. You will learn the skill sets that real secret agents possess. These include knife throwing, jumping from a speeding vehicle, simulated shooting, neutralizing an enemy, escaping from captivity, personal defense, and driving while handcuffed.

Force on Force Shooting Adventure

For gun enthusiasts who have been practicing their shooting skills at the range, the Force on Force Shooting Adventure will put your skills to the test. With this Las Vegas bachelor party activity, you are going to experience how it really is to be in a real-life shooting encounter.

The Smiths Adventure

The ladies need not be left out. Couples can be Brangelina for a day by doing The Smiths Adventure. Here, you will experience a Shoot Don’t Shoot Scenario – a dilemma often faced by law enforcers – where you need to decide to fire or not to fire your gun. Other things you can learn here are tactical shooting, knife throwing and so much more!

SWAT Adventure

Many young boys have dreamed of becoming a member of an elite SWAT team. That’s why being able to experience what a SWAT team encounters on the job would make a bachelor party memorable. With Vegas Tactical Adventures SWAT Adventure, you will learn hostage rescue, simulative shooting, disabling booby traps, stealth tactics, hostage rescue, and all the other exercise you only see in movies.

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Activities that Teach Self-Defense

You will want your Vegas bachelor party activities to make you feel masculine and heroic and the best way to do that is to become a secret agent or a superhero for a day. At Vegas Tactical Adventures, you get to experience actual training used by the world’s top secret agents and developed by Doron Benbenitsy. You can’t get the same from any other company in Las Vegas. Call today to book an adventure!



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