The 4 Golden Rules for Gun Safety in Las Vegas (and Everywhere)

When it comes to guns, it’s always a must to stay safe. Considering the power that these weapons hold, and the thousands of possibilities that could arise with faulty handling, there’s never a reason to disregard gun safety. Whether you are in a controlled environment such as gun safety classes Las Vegas or not, it always pays to know the four golden rules for gun safety.

Law No. 1

The first rule of gun safety states that the gun is always loaded. When picking up a gun, the first thing that a person should do is to safety-check it. Despite prior knowledge of the gun being an unloaded one, this step should not be ignored. Same should be done when picking up a gun. Stay within the boundaries of Las Vegas gun safety and make it a habit of doing a safety check when picking up or setting down a gun.

Law No. 2

The second law emphasizes that anyone holding a gun should never point it at something they are not prepared to destroy. Even though you are sure that the gun is unloaded, it does not mean that you are free to disregard the rest of the guidelines for gun safety in Las Vegas. Always keep in mind the first rule stating that the gun is always loaded no matter what, so never point the weapon at anything that you are not prepared to destroy.

Las No. 3

The third law concentrates more on the target. According to an article by Concealed Nation, the next law states that any gun holder should always be sure of the target and what is behind it. Guns are powerful machines and fired bullets can go through a target. Knowing what is behind the target is more than just following rules. Handle a gun with responsibility and make it a point to check both the target and what’s behind it.

Law No. 4

All the gun safety rules should be followed all the time but the fourth holds the most gravity. When holding a firearm, keep the finger off the trigger until sights are on the target. As long as the fingers are kept off of the trigger, any modern firearm will not discharge.

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