These Group Activities Las Vegas Give You Special Agent Skills

James Bonds, Jason Bourne, Sidney Bristow, they all have one thing in common: formidable skills. Who would not want to have those same skills? Who would not want to jump out of speeding vehicles or escape hostage takers without a scratch? If you want to have the skills of a special agent, Doron Benbenisty can help. He developed group activities Las Vegas to give the public the chance to learn the same methods used by the world’s top Special Forces agents and intel officers. His brainchild, Vegas Tactical Adventures is part of the CRI Counter Terrorism Training School, a world leader in training elite Special Forces for 13 years.

The Unique Skills Vegas Tactical Adventures Teaches You

One adventure at Vegas Tactical Adventures teaches you skills that can help you protect yourself and your loved ones. They teach you how to drive a car even when you are handcuffed. They also share techniques that will help you get out of the trunk. These are skills you need in case you are kidnapped. This is necessary because as a police veteran states, you have little to no chances of survival if you let attackers take you to a second location. The police veteran and survival expert reiterated this on the Oprah Show.

So when you come to Las Vegas, instead of wasting your time and money in casinos or strip clubs, bring your friends to Vegas Tactical Adventures instead and learn how to thwart a kidnapping incident and other similar crime. There is no other group activity Las Vegas that could teach you that. You have lots of choices at Vegas Tactical Adventures. There is the SWAT Adventure, the Bodyguard Adventure, Secret Agent Adventure, Femme Fatale Adventure, Force on Force Shooting Adventure and so much more. A full list of the activities can be viewed at their website.

The Top Choice in Group Activities Las Vegas

You can’t find another company as credible as this. These group activities in Las Vegas cost a lot less than a real Special Forces training but are effective at imparting the same skills. Rather that partying with booze or gambling, spend your special day or team building here.

Train with Real-Life Spies at Vegas Tactical Adventures

After half a day at Vegas Tactical Adventures, you feel more confident because you acquired new skills that could save lives. Their office is open from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. Call to book an adventure.


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