Tips Every Las Vegas Real Estate Buyer Must Know

If you have dealt with a Las Vegas real estate agent in the past, you might have noticed that they don’t really reveal much beyond sale talk. They would talk about the property’s energy-efficient insulation or the root cellar. They will surely talk in detail about the square footage and a few suggestions on home improvement ideas. But very rarely would they impart valuable real estate solutions that could benefit your family. So here are a few tips when house hunting in Las Vegas:

Consider the Community First

Having the worst house in the best neighborhood will work better for your family than having the best house in the worst neighborhood. One of the best solutions for real estate buying in Las Vegas: find a location with homeowners who learned proper crime prevention. You could always improve your home’s curb appeal, its exterior and interior design once you have the money, but it is harder to convince the neighbors to commit to helping decrease criminal activity with methods and designs provided by someone with law enforcement experience.

Consider Buying a Condominium

Condo sales are up 6.7% in 2015 compared to sales in 2014, according to the World Property Journal. This is because condos offer 24/7 security with security guards and security cameras in place. Based on the latest FBI crime report, 1 in every 36 homes in the U.S. could be burglarized each year. Condo units are less prone to burglary because the management imposes strict rules when it comes to security.

 Work with Experienced Professionals

Real estate owners and professionals are always at risk every day. When they meet new clients to show properties and hold open houses, they are setting themselves up for harm. And if you work with these people, you could also expose yourself to danger. Ask the broker or the owner if they have consulted a safety and security professional first.

Find Out the Best Real Estate Solutions for a Safe Home

Smart home buyers want to find a home safe from natural disasters and have the amenities they desire. But what they fail to consider is the possibility of burglaries and similar crimes. The best real estate solution has something to do with crime prevention and only a retired police lieutenant with more than 25 years of law enforcement experience can help you have a home in a community that is safe from crime. Call today to find out more.



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