10 Tips on How to Makeover a Las Vegas Teen Bedroom

After a Vegas kitchen remodeling, you probably don’t have enough budget for a major teen bedroom remodel, but you don’t need to spend too much just to let your teenagers have a bedroom that fits their personal taste. The truth is that your teens are at an age of rapid development and probably an identity crisis. They also may have a few great ideas for home decorating. Here are 10 tips that you can discuss with your teen. Just remember to set limits.

Use a Bedside Table that Can Double as Work Desk

Nightstands are commonly within 6 inches of the mattress height. But you can save space by choosing something tall enough that it can also serve as a study table.

Use the Right Paint and Lighting

New paint or lighting fixtures can easily make a room look different. Ask your teen what kind of ambiance he or she wants for the room then choose paint and lighting accordingly.

Refurbish Old Furniture

A Vegas bedroom makeover doesn’t necessarily mean buying new furniture. You can make your old ones look new by adding new finish or replacing the handles.

Only Purchase Functional Items

Accessories are kind of impractical now since your teen might develop new tastes soon. He or she might also move to a dorm room, so if you are going to buy new things for the bedroom, buy functional ones such as study lamps, armchairs, and blankets.

Check Second-Hand Shops

Versatile pieces are worthy investments especially if they can also serve as stylish accessories. One example is a wire storage locker that can serve as bookshelf or shoe rack.

Decorate with Photos

This is something that your teen is most likely to enjoy. Let them pick their favorite pictures then set a budget for printing and frames or washi tapes.

Bring in Plants

Indoor air quality can be improved with just a single houseplant, according to Lifehacker. Make a DIY air plant terrarium or bring in a cactus plant.

Make the Study Area Attractive

A beautiful and comfortable study area can inspire your teen to do their homework. Update the task lighting and make sure the chair and table are the right height.

Bring in Additional Storage

Clutter can make a beautiful room look ugly. Add a coat tree or wall hooks to keep clutter at bay.

Set Up a Hangout Space

If the room is spacious enough, bring in an old couch. If not, a soft rag and a few cushions will do.

Quality Vegas kitchen Remodeling and Bedroom Makeover

With MC Mojave’s 30 years of bedroom remodeling experience, teens can have their dream bedroom that will not dig a hole in their parents’ pocket. If you need expert help with bedroom remodel in Vegas, they are just a phone call away. Or you can also get free estimates now!

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