5 Things to Plan For in Your Bathroom Remodeling Vegas

Adequate planning is key to the success of your bathroom remodeling Vegas. The best way to go about with a plan is to prepare a checklist of priorities. This makes sure that you have all the features that you need in a new bathroom. According to the 2007 Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report, bathrooms bring a 78.3% return-on-investment (ROI) which is the highest compared to all other parts of your home. You can maximize that if you follow a plan with these 5 things in mind:


The costs of a bathroom remodeling depend on the location, materials used, manpower, and project scope. It is necessary to set a budget and then use it as your guide when making decisions about the above-mentioned factors.


Whether it is a large or a small bathroom, you need to set a schedule for your remodeling job. This becomes even more imperative if there is only one bathroom in the house. Decide where you and your family will take a shower or use the toilet while yours is unavailable. Your schedule should also include the time needed to order and purchase the materials.

Unseen Issues

 A gut renovation is worth the consideration because it can expose hidden problems that could cause major damage to your home. Gut renovation requires detachment of all interior walls of the bathroom to expose issues such as structural problems, water damage, or corroded pipes. This is even more necessary to older homes, but it can also add more value to a home that’s less than a decade old.

Order of Work

Planning which task comes first makes cleaning up easy and gives you room for adjustments if mistakes happen. Whether you plan on a major overhaul or just a repainting job, you need to come up with a Vegas bathroom checklist that starts from the top then flows towards the bottom. So consider the ceiling first and then the walls before working on the floors.

Design and Practical Features

While most remodeling projects are done to beautify a room, bathroom remodeling should center on functionality. So consider what you absolutely need in a bathroom first, then pick the color, material, and accessories that go well with the must-haves.

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A bathroom remodel in Vegas is done to provide more comfort to the family and add value to the house. Working with professional like MC Mojave Construction makes sure that the project meets all the needs of the owner. With 30 years of experience, they are your best choice for any remodeling project. They offer free estimates, so call now!


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