The History of the Elements of a Las Vegas Chef Uniform

The modern chef uniform is known to be built and designed for professionalism and practicality but behind each piece is a reason and a history that everyone should know.

Distinguishing Factor

One of the most distinguishing factors of chefs are their hats or, as coined by Auguste Escoffier, the toque. The toque is a great way of showing ranking the kitchen and also has the added benefit of keeping sweat of the brow and the head cool. The use of the chef’s hat was dated as far back as the Assyrian period were chefs were given distinction by letting them wear fabric crowns akin to those of the royal family. According to Prue Leith, this practice was carried on for centuries that it eventually made its way into the modern day Vegas uniform stores and kitchens.

Practical Wear

Practicality is evident in the double breasted design used for chef jackets. The use of these jacket dates back as far as 1822. The design makes it easy for chefs to stay clean even though they get spills on their uniforms. Whenever they are needed out of the kitchen, they simply switch the layers of their double breasted jackets. In just a few minutes, chefs can transition from a stained uniform to a pristine one.

Useful Accessory

Since chefs are in constant contact with high temperatures, uniform stores never fall short of their provisions for chef’s side towels. These side towels should be ideally kept dry and must only be used to protect their hands when picking up and putting down hot pans and pots. When not in use they should be tucked behind the apron.

Extra Protection

Aprons serve as an extra layer of protection for chefs and their uniforms. When tied around the midsection of the chef, the aprons serve their purpose by protecting from heat and food stains.

Purposeful Pattern

Everything has a purpose in these uniforms even the pattern of the chef’s trousers. These trousers help chefs look clean since any stain is easily camouflaged in the checkered pattern just like pants from Dickies Vegas.

Durable Shoes

Uniform stores Vegas also provide shoes that will protect chefs from falling utensils or pots. These usually come in the form of hard leather shoes with non-skid soles.

Healthful Addition

Although neckties are useful for wiping off perspiration, its main purpose is to protect the chef’s throats and necks from the fluctuating temperatures in the kitchen. The vast differences between the stove and the freezer could cause colds and even pneumonia.

For those who want to uphold its history and invest in good quality, check out Las Vegas Uniforms, the largest of the uniform stores in Vegas. This uniform store provides quality brands like Dickies Vegas and Chefworks and also have in-house tailoring and embroidery services. Make sure to visit the store today!


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