Boost Personal Protection with Reno Tactical Flashlights

When personal protection comes to mind, one does not immediately think of a flashlight. However underrated this toll may be, when used properly, like the Streamlight Reno flashlight, it can be a very good self-defense tool. The use of a tactical flashlight for personal protection has many great benefits.

No Restrictions

In places where handguns are not allowed, a tactical flashlight is still accepted. Planes and the post offices are one of those said places. The restrictions of carrying a tactical flashlight are far less than carrying a handgun. There is also no need for extensive training for this to be used. Just a little practice with a Streamlight Reno flashlight can greatly benefit and boost a person’s self-defense skills.

Be Discreet

Discreetness is one that most people need with their weapons. This is especially true when carrying the weapon in public places like the subway. In the case that this weapon falls out of your pocket or bag, it elicits a lesser fearful reaction compared to a handgun. This can be an added benefit for 2 reasons. One being it will not cause panic among the general public and the other is that it can give the shock effect to attackers when used.


For people who work nights or for anyone walking alone at night, the feeling of fear can sometimes not be avoided. There is that potential risk of an attacker approaching in the dark especially if there are no other people around. A Reno Streamlight flashlight can be used to illuminate the area to check for potential threats. This can also be used to shine the light on the attacker’s eyes, in the event one is attacked, to disorient the attacker and escape.

Animal Threats

When coming in contact with a wild animal, physically engaging them might be a riskier move as this can cause agitation which can cause the animals fight instincts to kick in. Instead, opt to be as far away from the animal as possible. According to Streamlight, they have flashlights that produce 850 lumens of light. This is more than enough to confuse and disorient the animal from a far which will most likely cause it to run away rather than attack.

When looking for tools for personal protection one can head over to a Reno Streamlight store. Reno Uniforms store has an area of 19,000 sq. ft. They offer full uniform services, and with their large store area, it will not come as a surprise that they also offer a wide range of tactical gears including tactical flashlights. Check out their products and find the best tactical self-defense tool for you today. Call them now.


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