Tips and Tricks in Removing Stains From Your Reno Chef Coat

Even the most careful chefs get stains on their chef coats. The truth is this in an unavoidable event. Just ask anyone who has tried cooking. Accidental spills can happen anytime but not to worry there are so many ways in removing those stubborn kitchen stains. That way, when the chef is asked to present himself to the restaurant’s patrons he will reflect the beauty of how the food is prepared rather than mirror the mess that happens in the kitchen. So how do chefs deal with the food stains on their Chef works Reno coat?

Here are a few tricks that chefs use to remove the stains from their uniforms.

Dark Coffee Stains

When coffee is accidentally spilled on the Chefworks Reno coat, it is best to move as quickly as possible and to treat it immediately. This prevents the stain from becoming permanent. Pour club soda onto the stain to help loosen it up. Carefully blot it with a napkin to lift the stain. Continue doing so until the stain is completely faded.

In any case that the stain is still visible, a warm water soak is needed. Then directly apply detergent and gently rub until the stain is gone. It is important to gently rub the stain to loosen up the coffee particles. Harshly rubbing the stain will most likely cause the fibers in your chef uniform to break resulting in a rough patch on the coat.

Oily Peanut Butter

The first thing that needs to be done in removing this stain is by scraping off the excess food to prevent further spreading. Then heat up some paper napkins and apply these to the stain to lift the oil from the fabric. Afterwards, wash the item in warm water. Make sure that warm water does not do any more damage by checking the label for laundry instructions.

Rich Colored Berries

Alternately running the stain under cold and boiling water helps in getting rid of berry stains. Gently rub the stain to help remove the stubborn stain. If the Reno Chefworks coat still as a visible berry stain after this process, soaking it in lemon juice for 15 – 30 minutes should completely remove the stain.

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