A Unique Las Vegas Birthday Anyone Will Enjoy

That feeling of growing older can easily sneak up on anyone and every year, birthdays are there to remind everyone that it, indeed is happening. Don’t let this ruin and amazing day. Celebrate with friends and family, eat some cake, and have fun! If age is a feeling, and not a number (like most people say), then why not start another year by reliving those wonderful childhood games? Ever miss that wonderful feeling of being able to play in the sand? At Dig This Vegas, every birthday is sure to be a blast. Have a go at the thousand pond machines and gigantic sand box and get ready for a different kind of birthday fun!

Play Around

As kids, seeing mega machines like fire trucks, bulldozers, and excavators can result to feelings of excitement and awe. As far as most people are concerned, this awe at seeing them doesn’t really go away. Being able to control these thousand pound machines are a great way to treat one’s self on his or her birthday. Bring back that feeling of childhood exhilaration with friends! The games and things to do at Dig This Vegas are one of those Vegas group activities that will surely be fun for everyone.

Adrenaline Rush

According to John Deere, heavy machinery such as bulldozers and excavators can measure up to 30,000 pounds, dig depths of 20 feet, and have maximum arm forces of 13,710 pounds. Thinking about getting to ride and control these gigantic chunks of metal is sure to give anybody an adrenaline rush. Bask in the feelings of excitement and build mountains of sand, stack towers of tires, and dig huge trenches. There will surely be no dull moments while playing with the sandbox at Dig This Vegas. Group activities in Vegas have never been this exciting.

Stay Safe

Keeping this Vegas group activity safe for everyone involved is important. The staff and management at Dig This Vegas observes strict rules and guidelines so that any undesirable events can be avoided. Before riders are given a go signal, they will first go through a simple orientation and a Breathalyzer test. Once this is over with, they can now don their hard hats and vests and get familiar with the controls, levers, and buttons. With enough knowledge of the controls of the machines, riders can now participate in the different drills and games to enjoy in the sand box. Play a game of excavator basketball or give bulldozer teeter-totter a try!

Any celebration at Dig This Vegas will surely end up in rising spirits. Whether it’s a birthday, a bachelorette or bachelor party, a team building activity, or others, a day at this place will be a day well spent. They have lots of deals and packages that any group will enjoy. For those planning a day with the family, they even have a mini station for kids to enjoy. So much fun is at store for everyone at Dig This Vegas. Make a birthday party unique and memorable; book a session today!

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