Eco Friendly Las Vegas Flooring Options to Choose From

Over the years, more and more people have become more aware of the impact that humans have on the planet. With this awareness comes new inventions that could propel the world into a cleaner and greener future. The design and construction industry has jumped into this green movement and came up with more sustainable building materials. One of the areas in construction that experienced a great progress towards greener building materials are the ones used for flooring. Here are some greener alternatives when it comes to flooring materials.

A Healthy Carpet

The green movement does not only work for a healthier planet but a healthier body as well. The carpeting and rug industries have been successfully working on lessening the waste materials produced by manufacturing. In addition, a lot of companies have been producing more and more products that lave lower levels of volatile organic compounds. It was said by HGTV that these two changes in the industry both results in cleaner air for the people to breathe.

Use Linoleum

The use of natural linoleum as eco flooring in Vegas will increase the green rating of a certain structure. However, it is important to keep in mind that linoleum and vinyl. Vinyl is made of polyvinyl chloride while linoleum s made of more natural ingredients such as linseed oil, pine resin, sawdust, cork dust, limestone and jute.This kind of flooring has been one of the most promoted green flooring material. Although it tends to cost more than some of the products in the market, it does tend to be durable and require less maintenance.

Sustainable Wood

For wood flooring Vegas to be considered as a green material, it must come from sources that are produced through sustainable forest management practices. Steer clear from using panels made from hundred year old trees and stick to the ones that are made from fast growing structural lumber like bamboo and eucalyptus. Using these kinds of trees for Vegas flooring do not affect the environment negatively thanks to sustainable practices that are used to produce this kind of lumber.

Cork Floors

Cork floors have become a popular choice for environmentalists. Producing cork has even less impact to the environment. The raw material is harvested from a tree every nine years and there is no longer a need to cut down trees. Although 9 years may seem like a long time, it is definitely shorter compared to the years it takes to grow a tree.

Simple Concrete

Although most may initially think that concrete is not a very appealing floor finish, it can actually be as elegant as any other flooring material. Through the different styles and decorations that can be applied to concrete, homes are rewarded with a simple look that also promotes passive cooling.

When planning to update any kind of flooring, do the earth a favor and choose an ecofriendly material. One Stop 4 Flooring is a great place to check out when planning a remodel. They provide a wide variety of high quality materials, provide amazing services such as installations and deliveries, and have staff that are well versed in the field. Visit them today!


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