Stress Busting Yoga Poses You Can Try In Your Vegas Workdesk

Clocking in a few hours of exercise per week is one of the best things you can do for your body. However, according to Do You Yoga, these exercises are no match for the chronic stress that comes with hours in the office. Despite the lack of movement, sitting at a desk can cause stress to the different parts of the body. To help release tension while at the desk, here are some yoga poses you can comfortably do while at work.

Crescent Moon Stretch

Sitting for long periods can contribute to neck, shoulder, and hip discomfort. Stretching these parts is easily done with the crescent moon stretch. To do this, lift your arms in a prayer pose with the fingertips pointing to the sky. Stretch the body as much as possible. Slowly lean to the right and take two to three deep breaths and do the same on the other side. With the hours usually clocked in at work, there’s never always time to visit a yoga studio in Las Vegas; doing this is a great alternative instead.

Stretch Those Fingertips

Extending the arms and giving the wrists, fingers and hands a good stretch, are not only healthy but feel great as well. All it takes are simple movements; stretch and counter stretch the hands, give the wrists a nice counterclockwise and clockwise rotation, or just shake it out.

Balance the Hips

At one point during the day, we can all admit to ignoring proper posture and alignment while sitting. These can cause misalignment in the hip area. To balance this out, try doing a modification of the pigeon pose. Las Vegas yoga studios recommend this pose to ease tension in the hips so why not apply it in the office? Do this by placing one foot squarely on the knee while the other foot is flat on the floor. Stay in this pose for five to ten breaths. If comfortable try twisting around and give those muscles an extra stretch.

Desk Plank and Chaturanga

The plank and chaturanga are the yoga equivalents for pushups. Rest the hands on the edge of the desk, shoulder width apart. Step back so that the body forms an acute angle with the floor. Slowly bend the elbows in a 90 degree angle making sure to hug the elbows inward. Do a few reps of this and it will do wonders in relieving neck strain and strengthening the arms.

Chest and Shoulder Stretches

Doing a modification of the upwards dog is a great way to counter the hunched up posture while sitting at the computer. Set the hands shoulder width apart and with straight arms, lower the hips towards the desk. Open u your shoulders and give the neck a nice and refreshing stretch.

These office yoga poses are a great way of staying healthy and reliving stress while at work. For those who want to deepen their practice, Yoga For The Soul. The studio concentrate on gentle practices perfect for anyone who want to try yoga in Las Vegas. Get an extra boost of energy with the studio’s simple, gentle, and fun yoga sessions. Try it today!


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