Understand Las Vegas Flooring with These Basic Jargons

During a remodeling project, one will have to go into hardware stores. Thanks to the hundreds of items available in these stores, paying a visit can be overwhelming for those who are not familiar with the field. To make things easier and less confusing, here are some flooring terms that will help anyone navigate their way through the different flooring stores in Vegas.

Use Screed for a Level Area

To level an area, the most common approach used in construction is through an application of a liquid made of latex called screed. The liquid will spread evenly and one the screed has dried, the result is a n even and level area for tile application.

Damp Proof Membrane

Damp proofing is an important step to do in order to make the most of flooring. According to Which, the damp proof membrane or the DPM does a great job of protecting the laminate or the wooden tiles from moisture.

Leveler Board for Insulation

The leveler boards serves as a good way of insulating sound and adding durability to the tiles to be applied. Leveler boards can be made of different materials from recycled paper boards to multipurpose wood boards.

Add Cushion with Underlay

A lot of Vegas flooring stores recommend a layer of underlay to make flooring more comfortable to stand and walk on. Like the leveler board, it also increases sound insulation and durability. It comes in different thickness from thin closed cell polythene foam to thicker felt underlays with silver foil layers.

Connection: Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove connections can be distinguished easily. Boards with these kinds of attachment system can be spotted with a tongue that juts out at one side and a groove for the tongue to latch on to on the opposite side.

Connection: Click Lock Planks

There are also planks that connect to each other by means of a pattern or a sequence to follow. Once the tiles are arranged in the right pattern they will click together to form the flooring.

 Tapping Blocks for Less Contingencies

A bunch of broken tiles can add up to the expenses. To refrain from this occurrence, tapping blocks are a great tool to protect the tiles while hammering together.

The Uses of Pull Bars

Pull bars are a great tool for driving a tongue and groove joint together. This tool is commonly found in any Vegas flooring store since it can be used to for attachments that cannot be done with the tapping block.

Another Kind of Adhesive

Adhesive is used to stick tow tiles, panels or boards together. It is also a great way of eliminating the hollow sound from floors since it expands when dry.

Having a bit of familiarity with the different flooring terms will make a visit to the flooring shop so much easier. For those looking for quality materials and amazing services, check out One Stop 4 Flooring. They make the job so much easier thanks to their warranties, products, services, and amazing staff. Give the place a visit today!


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