Have Perfect Teeth with Vegas Invisalign

People who want straighter teeth traditionally get braces. But today, Invisalign Vegas can give them the same beautiful teeth in a more discrete way. It is very likely that you have heard or seen it on someone you know. According to Align Technology, the maker of Invisalign, they now have 31% share of the adult market and 6% share of the teen market out of the approximately 2.6 million orthodontic patients starting their treatment. Invisalign involves the following steps:

Initial Consultation

First, you need to pick the right dentist for you. You will be interacting with this dentist throughout the entire process, so you need to be comfortable with each other. Also remember that not all dentists have received proper training and certification to provide the authentic Invisalign procedure. Make sure you are dealing with a certified professional by inquiring about the details of the treatment like the schedule, insurance, and the price.

Mapping Out a Unique Treatment Program

Invisalign has a 3-D imaging system that makes the treatment more accurate. In order to use this technology, the dentist will need to take x-rays, pictures, and impressions of your teeth. Even the tiniest details will be explained to you, including how your teeth will react to the treatment and how long it will take for the treatment to take.

Wear Your Custom Aligners

After your dentist comes up with the special clear aligners, you will be able to wear them right away. They are made of BPA-free plastic that is safe for your teeth and gums. They are more comfortable and less visible than traditional metal braces. You can remove them when you eat, brush, or floss.

Change Aligners Every Two Weeks

The Vegas Invisalign treatment requires a new set of aligners every two weeks. The dentist will need to check the progress every six weeks. For best results, always wear your aligners. 20 to 22 hours is ideal.

Show Off Your Perfect Smile

After about a year, you will have perfect teeth. Make sure you take care of it through proper oral hygiene.

Vegas Invisalign Provider for Phobic Patients

There are people who fear to go to the dentist even for a simple procedure like Invisalign. You don’t need to settle for a crooked set of teeth even if you have dental phobia. Dr. William Gussow and his staff at Vegas Smiles can tailor an Invisalign process in Vegas for people like you. They can also do other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening and CEREC same day crowns. Drop by Vegas Smiles today!


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