This Transport Adventure Makes a Wild Vegas Bachelor Party

Did The Transporter movie series put you on the edge of your seat? Did you, at least once, imagine yourself being Frank Martin, the ex-Special Forces operator who has some wicked driving skills and self-defense tactics? Now you can be just like Jason Statham on your Vegas Bachelor Party. Vegas Tactical Adventures bring you much wilder bachelor party activities Vegas than the ones you saw in The Hangover. The Transporter Adventure is just one of them. So why have another boring night with booze and strippers when you can have a great time with guns and cars instead?

Get Your Blood Pumping with these Outdoor Activities

From 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, Vegas Tactical Adventures conduct a whole lot of blood-pumping outdoor activities at Stocker Street just north of downtown Las Vegas. This means you can have your bachelor party during the weekend or at night after work. Anyone in good physical condition and at least 18 years old can join.

Organize a Bachelor Party with Just a Single Phone Call

Believe it or not, it is possible for you to have a bachelor party complete with your very own party bus with just a single phone call. Talk to an Adventure Coordinator and give all the details asked from you. This already includes a free transport from any hotel on the Las Vegas Strip to the Vegas Tactical Adventures facilities. For an additional fee, you can have a limo service or a bachelor party bus. That’s it, you can enjoy the most thrilling Vegas bachelor party activities as simple as that.

Other Adventures to Choose From

Not sure you want the Transporter Adventure? Just call anytime to ask about the other adventures available like the Secret Agent adventure, Femme Fatale adventure, Force on Force Shooting Adventure, “The Smiths” Adventure, SWAT Adventure, SAS Operator Adventure, Spy Girl Adventure, and The Bodyguards Adventure.

One warning, do not bring outside spectators. These activities require your full focus. But feel free to sign up your wives too if you want them to experience the thrill.

Book Your Wildest Bachelor Party Now!

Tactical driving, Slalom driving, 90° and 180° turns, under pressure reverse driving, driving while handcuffed behind you back, tactical simulative shooting, force on force shooting, weapon disarmament, and knife throwing are just some of the bachelor party activities in Vegas Tactical Adventures. If you want highly-skilled instructors to teach you all these skills, then book a wild bachelor party now!


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