Try The Bodyguard Adventure: A Unique Vegas Outdoor Activity

Hostile kidnappings, robbery, rape, and similar crimes could happen in the blink of an eye. It could happen to anyone who is not prepared for such things. Additionally, these things can quickly escalate from mere captivity to death. That’s why it is important for everyone, especially women, who walk along dark streets alone to have a highly-skilled bodyguard. Because of this, Vegas Tactical Adventures offer outdoor activities Las Vegas that will prepare everyone for the worst things that could happen anytime. 

Outdoor Adventures for Special Events in Vegas

Las Vegas Tactical is owned and managed by Doron Benbenitsy. He has extensive training and real-world experience in counterterrorism, law enforcement, and guerilla warfare. He built Las Vegas Tactical mainly to offer everyone a variety of outdoor adventures like the Secret Agent adventure, Femme Fatale Adventure, Force on Force Shooting Adventure, “The Smiths” Adventure, SWAT Adventure, SAS Operator Adventure, Spy Girl Adventure, The Bodyguards Adventure, and Transporter Adventure. With 13 years of experience, these activities are not only educational, they are also certified safe because you will be guided by experts who train the Special Forces and top secret government agencies worldwide.

These outdoor activities are not only entertaining. They also can give you authentic training from the same experts who train the world’s best Special Forces. At Las Vegas Tactical you can experience being a secret agent or a superhero for one whole day. That is an extraordinary and fun way to spend special events such as birthdays, corporate team building, and bachelor/bachelorette parties with friends or family.

Be a VIP Bodyguard for a Day

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be the protector of a diplomat, the president of a Fortune 500 company, or a Royal Princess? The Las Vegas Tactical Bodyguard Adventure is perfect for you. This package lets you and your friends experience Las Vegas outdoor activities like tactical shooting, weapon draw, defense against physical, knife, and gun attacks, and tactical maneuvers that are needed when protecting a VIP. You will be using the techniques you learn in real-world scenarios. Just a day at Las Vegas Tactical Adventures can be equivalent to months of training at ordinary self-defense school. By the end of the Bodyguard Adventure, you will gain incredible skills and use them like they are second nature to you.

Vegas Tactical Adventures is a division of the CRI Counter Terrorism Training School which is also owned by Benbenitsy. Whether you are visiting Las Vegas for entertainment or for business, it is worth your time to bring your colleagues to Las Vegas Tactical for an enjoyable and highly educational day by experiencing realistic simulations of the missions conducted by secret agents, bodyguards, and soldiers.

Get Real Training from Experts Today!

If you think you will make a great spy or a special forces operative, you better take this chance to find out if that really is true. Las Vegas Tactical Bodyguard Adventure is the closest you can be to the real thing. These outdoor activities in Las Vegas are not only for men, fierce, strong, courageous women can surely do them too. Experience real training from experts now!


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