Experience the Benefits of Guitar Lessons

Guitar Teacher Reno: Experience an Exercise in Creativity

Listening to music allows certain parts of the brain get activated. More so is true when a person is playing an instrument. According to an article from Time Magazine, playing musical instruments changes the brain. Playing music has tremendous effects on the brain. So many benefits come playing or deciding to learn guitar in Reno. From the ability to process sounds better to improved brain function to higher IQ and faster information processing, taking the time to play this instrument is definitely time well spent.

Exercise the Brain

The benefits of music has reached that go far beyond relaxing melodies. Aside from having the power to banish stress, relax the brain, and assist meditation, playing the guitar can also improve the brain’s ability to function. According to Guitar World, the reason why a guitarist’s brain is different is because of the creative boost that people get when playing. This creativity helps musicians be more creative in the different aspects of everyday life like work relationships, projects, and more.

Exercise the Body

When playing the guitar, not only does the brain get a boost in creativity and activity it also benefits certain aspects of health. A few hours with the guitar or lessons with a Reno professional guitar teacher is good for the body too. On a physical level, playing the guitar is a great way of exercising the joints of the hands and fingers, the arms and forearms, and even the legs. Aside from this physical workout, playing some tunes also affects the heart positively since it is effective in slowing down the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.

Pick Up a Guitar Today

Discover a fun, creative, and mentally and physically energizing activity by learning to play a guitar. Not only do players get the benefit of good music but also the positive benefits that come with playing music. With Blue Note B’s Horn Shop, people get to appreciate and fall in love with music even more. With their affordable instrument repair and rentals, the professional Reno guitar teacher, and more, getting into the groove is so much easier.

The store is ready to serve their customers every day of the week. Visit them at 1155 West 4th Street, Suite 118 at the SaveMart Shopping Center anytime from 9am to 7pm on Mondays to Fridays, and 10am to 6pm on Saturdays. For more questions on the services and the music store, call (775)453-9219.

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