What are the Positive Benefits of CBD?

CBD for Dogs: What We Ought to Know

Cannabis or more commonly known as marijuana, has been a very controversial topic to discuss in the past few decades. However, we have to accept the reality that cannabis and its derivatives also provide strong health benefits, especially CBD or Cannabidiol. It has a very wide scope of medical applications – due to clinical reports showing lack of side effects and non-interference with psychomotor learning and psychological functions, according to Wikipedia. Humans aside, CBD has been developed as a medical treatment for dogs. Seven Leaf Labs has been developing CBD for dogs and looks very promising. We cannot deny the fact that federally, CBD is still illegal. Lots of animals, especially dogs, are now benefiting from Cannabidiol, even though the product still remains classified as a Schedule 1 Narcotic according to The Free Thought Project. Let us discuss the benefits of Cannabidiol for man’s best friend.

Natural Pain Killer

You may have seen cancer patients take medical marijuana and the same principle works for our four-legged companions, too. CBD oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that activates the same brain areas as opioids. With these properties, studies also showed that CBD oil can reduce pain in arthritis. Most pet owners would never want to see their four-legged buddies suffer from late-stage cancer or severe arthritis, that’s why CBD oil was harnessed from Cannabis and was found to be a potent way to counter pain and agony for our furry friends.

Neuroprotective Agent

Due to its antioxidant effects, CBD oil can reduce oxidative stress and prevent neurodegradation. With this in mind, it has the ability to protect brain cells and reduce the risk of ischemic damage. This was shown to have positive effects on humans, as well as canines, who all have the capability to produce endocannabinoids.

Beneficial for Skin

CBD Oil has shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and thus inhibit the production of sebum, which is a potential solution for acne outbreaks. Well, that’s for us humans. CBD for dogs has shown to prevent skin problems for our canines, too. Technically, the same effect that it will do on humans! CBD oil reduces itching, spots, scales, and stress reactions, thus increasing overall resistance for our pets. Studies show that CBD oil doesn’t only serve as a prevention for skin problems in dogs, but has been proven to be a form of treatment as well.

All these facts and findings can be very encouraging, that’s why they, at Seven Leaf Labs continue to innovate and make this world a better place for our four-legged companions.

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