Breaking Misconceptions About CBD in Pet Care

CBD Oil for Pets: Misconceptions about Cannabidiol

It’s true that CBD may not get you high however it’s causing a lot of buzz in the medical world today. Lots of parties have shown interest in cannabidiol due to its array of medicinal properties. While it may contain seizures, shrink tumors, and manage pain for humans, it does the same thing with animals – without getting stoned. CBD oil for pets has been widely practiced as a means of alternative therapy with Seven Leaf Labs one of the companies doing so. According to Project CBD, there’s a handful of things to know before deciding to take CBD. This does not work for humans alone but also for veterinary use as well. We have to realize, though, that with awareness of such things, there will always be misconceptions.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Drug activists nowadays promote CBD and looking at THC as the black sheep. CBD is being promoted by drug warriors and THC is being persecuted like it was a criminal. How so? It’s because CBD doesn’t get you stoned. The usage of CBD in veterinary medicine is widely practiced today, may it be for inflammation, alleviating pain, and certain skin conditions for animals, forgetting the fact that THC also have loads of medicinal properties to offer. THC and CBD may have their individual benefits, combining the two creates a powerful force to be reckoned with – with each bolstering the other’s strengths, according to Zamnesia.

Medical CBD Vs. Recreational THC

Some may call CBD as the medical cannabinoid and would, by all means, steer clear of THC thinking it to be the recreational one. THC, in fact, has a lot of medicinal and therapeutic properties. CBD has been utilized as a means of treatment for pets with epileptic seizures, chronic pain, cancer, and skin conditions. Casting aside THC’s medicinal value, it’s kind of remorseful to think that it’s still classified as a Schedule I drug.

CBD Can Work Alone Without THC

This is the one you get to hear a lot. Studies show that when combined, CBD and THC enhances the desirable traits of both of them, which is what’s known as the entourage effect. And according to a research done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, THC and CBD are more potent together in fighting cancer. Just think of what the possibilities may be for your pets having the same condition and using CBD oil for pets as treatment. Seven Leaf Labs will definitely make it better for your animal friends.


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