America’s Squatter Problem in a Nutshell

Real Estate Solutions Company Las Vegas: Defending Your Home Against Squatters

As stated by the article in WikiHow, a squatter is someone who resides in a property, abandoned or unoccupied, that they do not legally own. The article further elaborates on the advantages of doing so like saving money on rent or using part of a neighbor’s property to your benefit. However, the most alarming part of the article is that it also states that a squatter can take a whole house for themselves. It even goes as far as having the squatter legally own the property. Squatter removal can be difficult as there are national and state laws that need to be strictly followed. Furthermore, the legal eviction of squatters can take from 10 to 180 days. Tactical Real Estate Solutions, a real estate solutions company Las Vegas, intend to help property owners in the legal eviction of unlawful settlers.  

Legal Rights of Squatters

As defined by Law Street, squatter rights does not have a definite meaning. It differs depending on the country and state where the squatter resides. In America, there is the “law of the landless”. As long as there is no attempt by the homeowner or property owner in evicting the squatter from the property along with other factors, the illegal settler could legally claim the land for their own. Given a span of time, depending on state laws, Adverse Possession could help the squatter own that said land. For states like New Jersey, the squatter must reside on the property for as long as 30 years before claiming it. There are states, though, that require a shorter period of time. In Nevada, it only takes 5 years for the squatter to legally own the land.

That is why the finest real estate solutions company in Las Vegas is here to help. Tactical Real Estate Solutions provide services such as squatter removal. They have helped clients with the eviction of squatters in their properties. With a highly experienced staff who are made of former law enforcement professionals, there is no need to worry about the legal complications that border the situation. The company understands that most homeowners feel strongly about illegal settlers taking a claim on their properties but they also do suggest that homeowners do not take matters into their own hands. Doing so can be dangerous to the homeowners and can also burden them with liabilities.

Legally Defend Your Property

In the case that you find yourself burdened with illegal settlers in your home or property, the best real estate solutions company Las Vegas NV has your back. With years of service under their belt, they can assure you that they can swiftly solve the problem in a legal manner. Give them a call today at (702)901-9390 to know more about their services.



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