Keeping Your Community Free from Crime

Squatter Eviction Vegas: How Vigilance Helps the Community

When buying a home, the number one priority most people look for is safety. Specifically for families with young and teenage children, being in a community that is safe will help most homeowners feel secure. Unsurprisingly, surveys do indicate that potential homeowners tend to veer away from neighborhoods with a high crime rate. Unbeknownst to most people, abandoned apartments and houses, although seemingly harmless, could cause problems in the neighborhood is left unchecked for too long. This is because these places are where squatters usually settle. In case a community finds a squatter settlement in their neighborhood, the next best move is to contact the services of a squatter eviction Vegas company. Tactical Real Estate Solutions was founded to help Las Vegas neighborhoods in the removal of unlawful occupants in the area while also providing training regarding safety, security and crime prevention.

Resolving the Squatter Problem

According to The Gleaner, majority of the crimes, a whopping 90%, in the St. Ann community in Jamaica come from squatter settlements. The squatter problem in Las Vegas, though, is not that extreme. Nevertheless, over the years the squatter problem has become prevalent and problematic. As stated by Daily Mail, the Las Vegas police received more than 4,000 squatter-related complaints in the past year. Not all illegal settlers are bad people. Sometimes they are just homeless people looking for a place to crash. However, there are cases where abandoned houses are turned into drug dens by squatters and drug dealers. That is why vigilance for homeowners is always important.

Although there is a strong need for homeowners to keep their community safe, Tactical Real Estate Solutions strongly advise against taking matters into your own hands. There are two very important reasons for this. One is that you could be faced with a potentially armed and dangerous person. The other reason is that there are laws regarding squatter eviction Vegas NV that could hold a homeowner accountable in the case that these laws are not followed. When faced with a squatter problem, rather than confronting the illegal settler yourself, consulting in security action plans for the homeowner and their neighborhood associations is the best thing to do.

Secure Your Neighborhood Today!

Due to the complicated laws, Nevada has regarding squatter rights, squatter eviction in Vegas is never an easy task. However, with companies like Tactical Real Estate Solutions that process can go smoothly and safely as they already have the needed experience and expertise in handling these cases. There are also other things that homeowners can learn without risking their safety and that is thru the crime prevention training that the company gives for free. Call them today at (702)901-9390.



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