Sink Your Teeth into Vegas’ Best Burgers

Burgers in Las Vegas: Where to Find the Best Burgers in Nevada

Even being branded by History as one of the most popular dishes in the world, the all-American burger is, without a doubt, a classic. It seems that these delicious dishes have a fairly simple recipe. Just add the two basic ingredients, the bun and patty, together to make yourself a burger. However, if the perfect burger is the goal then there are a lot of things to consider. Creating the finest burgers in Las Vegas is no easy task. Fortunately for everyone, Super Subs and Burgers has taken on the duty of crafting the finest burgers for Las Vegas to devour. All that is left to do is to head to the heart of the city and enjoy the delicious variety of food and burgers they offer. Their location is very convenient as it is just located in Downtown Las Vegas which is perfect for tourists or just about anyone hanging around the city.

It’s All in the Patty

Having a great tasting patty is essential to creating the perfect Las Vegas burgers. The patty is after all the heart and soul of the dish. According to Fine Cooking, one of the worst mistakes that anyone can make when cooking burgers is pressing on the patty while it’s still on the grill. Many people do this in the hopes of making the cooking process faster. However, all it is doing is just wasting the succulent burger juices. These juices are actually the ones making the burgers tender, juicy, and tasty. Pressing on the patties just makes it dry and crumbly when eaten. The goal is to seal in these juices. The best way to do this is to just let them be while cooking and letting them rest a few minutes off the grill before eating. Super Subs and Burgers does not want you to go through all that hassle. They’re here to whip up great tasting burgers for your convenience.

The Best Burgers in the City

Super Subs and Burgers burgers are always tender and juicy with every bite. This is because they have perfected the recipe over the years. The risk of eating stale meat and canned ingredients with the burgers can be a thing of the past. The restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients for their dishes to ensure that the burgers they provide are the best burgers in Las Vegas NV. They serve Cheese Burgers, Bacon Cheese Burgers, Relish Burgers and Jalapeno Burgers. Try out their famous Super B Burger and see for yourself. There’s no harm in trying. You’ll probably end up having a great time and a new favorite burger joint. Visit them at 1615 S Las Vegas Boulevard. Call them today on (702)444-0654 for driving directions.


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