Top Things To Do During a DUI Stop

DUI Attorney Las Vegas: Properly Fix a DUI

Random History states that one-third of all the traffic fatalities in America is caused by drunk driving. They also stated that every 40 minutes someone gets killed due to driving under the influence. Unfortunately, there are many innocent lives that are taken due to this. The reason why drinking and driving should never mix is pretty obvious. Alcohol lowers a person’s inhibitions, therefore, making the driver braver or more aggressive. This is never a good thing especially since alcohol also lowers down the person’s level of alertness as well as their reflexes. There is also a possibility of getting pulled over by a cop on the suspicion of drunk driving and then getting charged with a DUI. The Ticket Fixer is Las Vegas # 1 Traffic, DUI, and Warrant Resolution Firm located at 623 South, 6th Street, Las Vegas. They have the best DUI attorney Las Vegas offers. With their expertise and on your side, there will be no need for traffic school and no demerit points on your license as well.

Getting Pulled Over for a DUI

Getting pulled over for a DUI can be very stressful. DUI Answer lists a few things to follow during a DUI stop. They advise that pulling over in a safe place or location may help provide a positive impact on the case. This is because the officer notes down their observations when the driver is pulling over. Avoid abruptly stopping or driving erratically as those are telltale signs of a drunk driver. Keeping your hands on the steering wheel is also vital as it shows the officer that you are not holding any weapons or planning to attack. Being polite and honest is also highly recommended. Being hostile or aggressive will only make the situation worse.

After the arrest has been made and all the tests have been done. The next thing to do is to contact a DUI attorney in Vegas. Make sure to contact firms that are run by actual licensed lawyers like The Ticket Fixer. The reason for this is that most DUI and traffic resolution services are not actual law firms and will not be able to properly represent you in court. The Ticket Fixer provides their clients a fast easy and open communication. It would be best to provide the lawyer all the details of the incident to help them understand what happened as well.

Free Legal Evaluation

The best Las Vegas DUI attorney is one that can provide the best deals and services to their clients. The Ticket Fixer does that and more. They offer a free legal no-obligations evaluation to potential clients. They also offer other services like resolving speeding tickets as well as assisting with arrest warrants. Call them at (702) 257-7171 or email them at to get your free evaluation today.



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