Tips for Your First Time at the Gun Range

Las Vegas Gun Store: Gun Range Tips and Tricks

It can be pretty intimidating if it’s your first time visiting a gun range. Let’s say even if you’re an expert marksman or gunsmith, lack of familiarity with SOP and gun range etiquette can be nerve-wracking. How much more if it’s your first time? Think about it. There are certain things that need to be addressed and you would need all the help you can get if you’re a first timer. And you definitely can’t just walk into the shooting range bust some caps on some paper targets. Asking questions and clarifying things with the staff and employees of a gun range is never a thing to be ashamed of. In fact, they may be more than happy to talk to you rather than worry about the repercussions of a mistake. Then there’s Green Valley Range, a Las Vegas gun store with friendly employees who want to help. So don’t be shy to ask questions and let this article be your guide to a more enjoyable experience at the gun range.

Safety is the Top Priority

It’s always a delight to see beginners at a gun range. Deciding to start your firearms education is a sight to see for both the staff and fellow shooters. However, there are gun safety rules that you need to take a look into according to NRA. The fact that you’re inexperienced when it comes to gun handling is something that you should embrace. Before you go to a gun range, you should at least know the basics of proper firearm handling for your safety.

General Tips Before Entering a Shooting Range

When going to a gun range, you should bear in mind some things that are of utmost importance. According to Pew Pew Tactical, there are 4 firearms safety rules you always need to keep in mind. A Las Vegas gun store has their own set of rules and regulations but these are general stuff you need to remember.

  • Listen to the range officer (RO), he is your friend who can assist you.
  • Always bring protection. They are referring to eye and ear protection, in case you’re wondering.
  • Before you go to the gun range, get a range bag. It’s always better to keep things organized and keep your firearms protected.
  • Keep your firearm pointed down, all the time.
  • Take your assigned lane and hang your target then unpack your guns and ammo.
  • Lastly, mind your own business. Do your thing and let others do theirs.

If you can do these, then you are most likely to cherish this experience. So drop by Green Valley Range and they’re going to make this experience one to remember.

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