Who to Contact in Case of a Squatter Problem

Real Estate Solutions Company in Las Vegas: Best Resolution for Squatter Issues

Communities can be greatly affected by having a squatter problem in the area. How Stuff Works defines squatting as living on or moving into an abandoned piece of land. That maybe the easiest way to define it but that is not always that simple. Some squatters squat to acquire land that isn’t theirs through adverse possession. Some even use these abandoned homes as a place for illegal activities like prostitution, robbery, and drugs. This not only affects the property owners but the community in that said neighborhood as well. The security of the once safe environment gets compromised. To prevent that, Tactical Real Estate Solutions company in Las Vegas has set up neighborhood clean-up and squatter removal programs that will help restore the security and safety of the place. Calling them on (702)901-9390 will ensure that the squatter problem will be dealt with as soon as possible as their staff is comprised of former law enforcers with expertise on the matter.

Getting To Know Steve Candelas

The best real estate solutions company Las Vegas has produced is the brainchild of Mr. Steve Candelas. The Tactical Real Estate Solutions team offers the best service due to having many years of experience in law enforcement. Even Mr. Candelas himself has an extensive experience, for over 25 years, as a law enforcement officer. The last 20 years that he was working in the service was with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and most of this time was spent on making sure that neighborhoods were safe. He patrolled neighborhoods as well as responded to calls for service from the citizens. Later on, he was promoted to being the supervisor on an FBI safe streets gang task force.

Just last year, in 2015, the Nevada Legislature passed the Assembly Bill 386, also known as AB 386, and was effective by October 1st that same year. This bill helps lessen the ongoing squatter issue, as reported by The Spectrum. Through this bill, housebreaking and unlawful occupancy are now considered a crime. However, even with this bill, the squatter issue is still widespread. This is the reason why Tactical Real Estate Solutions provide squatter related services as well as offer a free crime prevention education training to help communities with their squatter issues.

Make Your Community Safer Today!

Tactical Real Estate Solutions is here to help you with squatter problems may it be with squatter removal or as realtor escorts for open houses and properties with squatters. Not only that, they also offer homeowner representation services for local and out-of-state homeowners. They are Las Vegas real estate solutions company your community needs. Visit their site today!


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