Discovering the Largest 5.11 Tactical Selection in Reno

Reno 5.11 Tactical: One Stop Shop for All Your Tactical Needs

Today being prepared to emergency situations is essential. This does not necessarily mean gearing up like a prepper. Gearing up in a full attire may be the choice for some, however, there is another survival theory that is making rounds on the internet. This is the gray man principle. According to Real World Survivor, this is a tactical strategy of surviving by blending in. Basically, this could be anyone who can be in or get out of a potentially dangerous situation without being noticed. This does not mean giving up on tactical gears at all. Reno Uniforms, the largest uniform store in Reno and Las Vegas, carries Reno 5.11 tactical products for all your tactical needs. Being located at 70 West Taylor Street, Reno, Nevada, the heart of downtown Reno gives customers the convenience of gearing up without driving to distant locations. Their 19,000 square feet store offers full uniform services so all your tactical needs are just under one roof.

Gear Up and Go

Emergency situations can cause people to panic. This is especially true when in a crowded area. Being unnoticed can just help save your life as well as of those that you love. This is because when a situation gets out of hand people who panic tend to become desperate. They may try to cling to a person who looks prepared therefore not letting that person move as quickly and as discreetly as possible. Standing out also makes the person a target to those who may want to nab those life-saving tactical gears away from them. Blending in ensures that one can help more people while also keeping oneself from being targeted.

Ranger Made lists the 5.11 Taclite Pro Pant as one of the best tactical pants in the market today. They are very much comfortable and allows freedom of movement for the wearer. However, the multiple pockets are a telltale sign to many people especially if they are filled. For a more discreet look check out 5.11 tactical in Reno’s Covert Cargo Pants. They are designed for a low profile appearance with deep pockets that won’t sacrifice storage space which makes them a better choice for blending in.

Get Yourself Geared Up!

Foy your tactical gear needs, head over to Reno Uniforms shop. They have a wide range of tactical gears including the best 5.11 tactical Reno Nevada has to offer. Not only that they also have full uniform services like on-site tailoring and embroidery as well as getting custom orders. Call them today on (775) 657-6025 to ask about their corporate accounts for large orders. They can also be reached by their email which is Drop by their store and pick out the best tactical gears today!


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